For most of us fabulous ladies, we want variety in our closets (and Somewhere else….but that’s a subject for another time). We want the perfect outfit for every occasion; work clothes, everyday clothes, going out clothes, gym clothes, vacation, the list goes on. Sound familiar?

Similarly, for most of us, it’s not in the budget to have a different wardrobe for every occasion. Solution? Building your closet with quality versatile pieces that stand the test of time and will suite more than one occasion. A work appropriate top that’s also cute with jeans for the weekend, workout tights that take you through running errands as well, and…… beach cover ups that also work great for every day wear, or vice versa.


Of course there are those very special occasions that call for a very special outfit (maybe not so versatile, i.e. you don’t wear a backless sexy little black number to parent teacher interviews), but for the rest of the times, let’s make good use of the closet you have and then add a new piece here and there when you want to treat yourself.

For this blog we’re talking beach wear to street wear. Cover ups and Dresses that take you from a day at the beach to everyday life.

Buying an expensive beach cover up is not likely something you would splurge on because really, how often are you going to wear it, unless you are a total beach babe in which case……go ahead and buy it! For the rest of us, we want something that we can also wear in other aspects of life.

We currently have a few great pieces that can double as a cover up, or just great with a pair of jeans. I tested a few out on vacation in Cuba and they passed with flying colours!