Eyebrows and Highlighting for the Mommas - Guest Blog by MUA Brooke Roberts

So, lets talk about the largest trends in makeup these days….Brows and Highlighting/ Contouring…

My Instagram is flooded with perfectly painted on, arched, microbladed, stenciled…you name it…Brows!

Such images can be most intimidating while I sit looking at my own ‘mommy-face’ reflecting back at me.

Brows don’t have to be scary…we can still achieve a defined brow that enhances and balances out our face shape, but still looks soft and natural. The key is to find a brow pencil that is close to or even one shade lighter than your natural brow colour. If you go too dark, you tend to look a bit harsh..and border on frightening. Lol I like to use pencil to create the lines and then soften them with an angled brow brush and powder. Softening your lines is important to create the natural look. It really only takes a few moments and it can be something you do for an everyday look. The perfectly coiffed brows that we see flooding Instagram are looks created for editorial photoshoots, makeup blogs ect.. Certainly not the best look for us moms on the everyday. You can scale it down and create a brow that defines and still looks soft and natural for our everyday running around. It’s a great way to quickly look ‘put together’ when running out the door. Brows, mascara and lip-gloss and you are all set!

The next trend we see so much of these days is Contouring and Highlighting. Think Kim K.

Again, the images we see on line are Very heavy, Very defined and certainly not ideal for playdates or grocery shopping. J

I am a mommy of 2 baby girls! I am a busy momma, but I still really enjoy doing my makeup each day. It gives me a boost and makes me feel human…even if its laundry day and we are home. I know….lol But, I really only take 5 minutes to do this. Usually while my oldest sits in her morning bath J I also love to Contour and Highlight…and it is a quick 5 minute routine. It can be done in a way that is quick and looks soft and natural for everyday. Take your bronzer after you apply a foundation base and suck in your cheeks . using a blush brush or blender brush, place your bronzer in the indentations of your sucked in cheeks. Blend it out so there are no harsh lines. Take the same brush and quickly go around your hairline on your forehead to create a shadow. Again, blend so there are no obvious lines. Now, here is my favourite part…Highlighting. This is a Mammas’ dream come true! Highlighting can make us look soft and Awake! Haven’t slept in 8 months?….Highlight!! First, take a creamy concealer that is a few shades lighter than your foundation and place it in an upside down triangle under your eyes. Use a Beauty Blender to pat it in and blend any lines. Then, take a soft white or cream colour shimmer powder and place it under your brows on your brow bone and blend. I also like to take this same shimmer and place it in the corner of my eyes and blend. Highlighting is just that…High Lighting. Anything light colour and shimmery can and will reflect light….. thus softening any dark areas and creating the look of light. Light in mommy-land means…Awake! This can take no time at all and you look fresh and polished. I love to go heavier with these looks if I am heading out for an evening or event, but you can have the same effect for everyday…just on a lessor scale….and it really only takes 5 minutes…I promise!

I recently gave the owner for Sash Boutique a quick lesson on this 5 minute look and her results were so pretty. She is a hard working; Mamma of two boys and really doesn’t have the time to fuss with her makeup. I gave her my quick tips and tricks for great everyday Brows and Contouring and Highlighting and she loved them. Mammas can be fabulous and fierce with their makeup even if they are at home and covered in baby vomit from the neck down…I am living proof of this! J Happy Highlighting ladies!

This blog was written by MUA Brooke Roberts for Sash Boutique :)